Xavi has requested Leo Messi’s signing!

Xavi has requested Leo Messi's signing!

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The Barcelona boss believes the Argentine’s arrival could be the key to revitalizing the club. Xavi has asked Laporta to bring Messi back when his contract with PSG ends

He conveyed to the president and the technical secretariat the idea of ​​transferring him to PSG once his contract expired

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández has asked Joan Laporta, president of the Barça club, to do so Study Leo Messi’s attitude for the end of this season, for the summer of 2023-24. The coach, who has an excellent relationship with the Argentinian star, is convinced his return can add a lot to the Catalan company, both financially and sportingly, as he feels there is still a lot of rope left. Messi’s signing may also serve to park the differences created by his departure from the club and come full circle in a relationship that began when he was 13 as a child. The goal would be for him to be able to hang up his football boots disguised as a Barça player.

Leo Messi left Barcelona through the back door in 2021 after a long renewal process that didn’t materialize. His departure was a wound in the entity that eventually affected all spheres. The first, in economic terms, because while PSG, the club that hired him, won many sponsorship deals that helped him increase his commercial income, the Barcelona It stuck if it remained without a reference, without a name, without a brand that companies wanted to do business with. Barça suffered from Leo’s absence and the box offices were weakened.

It was also affected on a sporting level. For the first time in two decades, the team finished the season in white, marking the end of the culé hegemony established over the past decade. Barça struggled to score, ran dry and suffered terribly to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League, the big challenge. Xavi It gave a new vibe to the squad surviving as best they could to alleviate the lack that Messi had stopped scoring.


Although two years have passed and messi He would already be 36 years old, Xavi Hernández believes Leo still has a lot to offer in the sport, both in terms of experience and game. The manager believes it’s doable for the Argentine to return to the team to join and manage the project within his football reality.

Then there is a more global aspect: Xavi believes his arrival could be the key to get the club back on track. Barça lost the hierarchy at world level when they lost Messi and now they can regain the lost ground while also closing the circle that began in 2000. Messi returning to Barça to play the last or last years of his sporting career would be excellent news for the future of the club which would regain an asset.

For all these reasons, Xavi has conveyed to the president and technical secretariat the idea of ​​signing Messi when his contract with PSG ends so that he can continue the final years of his sporting career the Barcelona. The club relies on this idea.


PSG have announced Leo Messi’s desire to extend his contract beyond 2023 when his contract ends. The French club has confirmed the great sporting and economic assets it has messi in their ranks and wants to expand this relationship. At the moment Messi hasn’t said anything because he wants to start the season and see what happens at the World Cup, the big challenge of this season.


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