With the levers is not enough

With the levers is not enough

Yes indeedand the Barcelona don’t bring the batteries with you output operation, you will have a problem in less than a month. Azulgranas need to shed players in order to register the signings. Labor costs are skyrocketing and the company isn’t closing a large outlet that allows it to breathe.

The club insist everything is under control but that Xavi’s words Behind classic they indicated some concern about the matter. “Right now we’re optimistic” isn’t a statement that conveys the greatest confidence on the matter. Let’s not forget that the company itself announced in early June that the payroll was 560 million, practically double that of the Bayern Munich. Real Madrid’s back then there were 400.

The truth is that there is already a sense of time trial in the area. These three weeks Xavi Setting a deadline to fix the problem is a race against time. We mustn’t forget that Barcelona signed Christensen, Kessi, Raphinha and Lewandowski. In addition, you still have to register the players who have renewed in the last few weeks, such as e.g Sergi Roberto and Dembl. On the site of The league none appear yet.

What are Barcelona’s famous levers?BRAND.COM

By Jong and Depay

In this situation, there are two azulgranas presented as lifeline for the Catalan entity: Frenkie de Jong and Depay. His departure will bring important relief to the team’s payroll.

In the first case, Xavi He has come to terms with the fact that he has to accept his departure in order to bring newcomers to the team. He’s a footballer he loves but the club can’t afford it under these conditions…unless his salary is cut. for now, laporta He has already revealed that he will hold a new summit with the Dutch to finally lay the cards on the table. In the last few weeks the United pushed a lot and was even in it Barcelona negotiate. The midfielder, yes, is happy in the Camp Nou.

Xavi: ‘We’re optimistic to register the signings’

The situation is different with pay memphis. The striker will have it raw to play. There is overbooked front and his profile punishes him. Too versatile and not enough specialist in one position, competitors appear everywhere. This situation could make him reconsider his continuity in the story Barcelona.

The club’s idea is to give a boost to this matter in this last week of July. The league starts for the culs on August 13th. So an exit during the tour is not excluded United States of America. Time is running out.


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