Why are there so many confirmed cases of monkeypox in Spain?

Why are there so many confirmed cases of monkeypox in Spain?

Spain is the one at the moment second country with the most infections by monkeypox on the planet. After confirming the second death Due to the disease, concern is growing among the population, who are still trying to understand the extent of the virus. World Health Organization (WHO) data shows infections added up on July 23 more than 16,000 cases in 75 countries.

the epidemiologist Quique Bassat took part in the set of the 24h channel RTVE to better inform citizens. “It is the place where there were many ‘super contagion events’ at the beginning of the epidemic,” he points out It is normal that we have more cases than other countries. It also highlights the “exceptionally low mortality rate” that prevents this monkeypox virus from “spreading a disease.” cause for great concern‘.

Bassat tried to send a reassuring messagenoting that this is not likely to result in a new pandemic, noting that the “characteristics of transmissibility” differ from those of the coronavirus, which is why it “risk of transmission there is much more from an index case bass‘.

He stressed the importance of compliance Safety measures recommended by the WHO, including reducing the number of sexual partners among gay men. She is also making sure that the fall in cases comes to an end through a vaccination program for those who belong to risk groups ‘See how the transmission responds we currently have on the measures imposed”.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

A few days earlier, The British Medical Journal published a study conducted with British patients new symptoms related to monkeypox. Among them are:

  • swelling of the penis (edema)
  • Sore throat
  • oral lesions
  • rectal pain
  • lonely lesion
  • tonsil swelling
  • Inflamed amygdals

They are already added to these they knew it beforehand:

  • Skin or mucosal lesions
  • Fever
  • swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Muscle aches

Is there a vaccine against the disease?

For now there is no treatment or vaccination which specifically treats infections caused by the monkeypox virus. Still his genetic similarity with the virus smallpox does she antiviral drugs and vaccines Once prescribed for this disease, they are used against monkeypox.

The United States and Europe are among the first places to approve the use of a vaccine known as JYNNEOS or Imvamune/Imvanex. is protects against viruses People over the age of 18 who have had close contact with an infected person. In its creation, the modified live form of the smallpox virus was used. That The offer is limitedTherefore, this vaccine is not used in the general population.

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