These are the best selling cars in July

These are the best selling cars in July

July sales were recorded at 73,378 sales, down 12.5% ​​from a year ago. This month is slower for retail buyers as the holiday season begins and their purchases are down 12.1% to 31,330 units. Cumulatively, this means that a total of 210,645 individual customers were won and that this number is 1% lower than in the first half of the year, which was still positive.

Dacia Sandero


The Dacia Sandero is the hero of the private market and has been for eight years in a row, because it is a vehicle that adapts to the needs of the Spaniards in terms of equipment and price. In July, it again took first place with 2,368 registrations, down 9.7% from a year ago.

Now in its third generation and just a few months after receiving its new corporate identity, the Sandero has radically changed compared to its predecessor. Now diesel engines are disappearing to make way for petrol and LPG, it shares the same platform as the Renault Clio and Captur and has a qualitative leap in terms of finishes. Its price starts at 11,800 euros.

Opel Corsa


The Opel Corsa took silver only 231 units behind the leader, with 2,132 registrations 9.6% more. The small car Stellantis has been manufactured in Spain for 40 years and has already sold more than 14 million units. Its sixth generation is the first to be produced after the merger of the PSA and FCA groups and has already collected 7,377 registrations this year.

The Zaragoza plant has been hit by a semiconductor shortage and has had to halt several times over the past 12 months, but the surge in registrations in July seems to indicate the backlog is reaching buyers. The Corsa starts at 17,150 euros.

The new king of SUVs, the Tucson, was favored by bids from Korean semiconductor companies because they didn’t have to shut down production as much as Western manufacturers. In the case of the Tucson, since its launch in 2004, it has already accumulated 7 million worldwide registrations.

In 2022, it’s rare for a manufacturer to offer as many powertrains as Hyundai in the Tucson, which offers 48-volt gasoline and diesel mild hybrid versions, full hybrids and plug-in hybrids, as well as traditional internal combustion engines. He is for sale from 27,675 euros.

  1. 1

    Dacia Sandero – 2,368

  2. two

    Vauxhall Corsa – 2,132

  3. 3

    Hyundai Tucson – 2,079

  4. 4

    Peugeot 2008 – 1916

  5. 5

    Ford Kuga – 1,762

  6. 6

    Citroën C4 – 1,657

  7. 7

    Toyota Yaris – 1,624

  8. 8th

    Fiat 500 – 1,603

  9. 9

    Renault Capture – 1,553

  10. 10

    Kia Stonic – 1.504

In the breakdown by brand, Toyota prevailed with 6,446 new registrations and 0.9% more. Behind them, Hyundai with 5,914 (+7.1%) and Kia with 5,653 sales, down 12.4%, finish the podium.


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