The Marysol robot answers the questions of more than 200 ITER visitors

El robot Marysol contesta a las preguntas de más de 200 visitantes del ITER

The assistance robot Marysol has looked after and accompanied more than 200 visitors who have visited the visitor center of the Institute for Technology and Renewable Energy (ITER) since last April. With the ability to get around on two wheels and move around the facilities autonomously, Marysol is responsible for assisting with guided tours, answering questions, playing audiovisual content, displaying real-time data on renewable energy production at the ITER or Data of general interest on the island of Tenerife such as electricity demand.

Designed and built by the institute’s robotics department, Marysol is able to avoid obstacles while moving and continually learns to recognize its surroundings. At the same time, thanks to artificial intelligence, it interacts with people via voice commands and a touchscreen interface.

Marysol is the first self-developed assistance robot that was designed, manufactured and programmed entirely on the island of Tenerife and performs its service.

This project is part of the collaboration agreement that ITER signed in 2018 with the Autonomous Organization of Museums and Centers of the Cabildo de Tenerife and the public company Grantecan SA to design and build a robot that would support visits to each of these centers , under the names Marysol, Gara and Cosme, with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of science and strengthening the channels of communication with citizens.

The Marysol robot has been very well received by ITER visitors, especially the youngest ones, and has become a fundamental tool to bring closer together, in a pleasant, attractive and visual way, the technological developments carried out by the ITER robotics unit.

Throughout the execution of the Marysol project, a modular development methodology was adopted using open source development tools and libraries. In this way, the project not only covers the needs of ITER in terms of dissemination, but at the same time serves as a platform for future developments by other users or external entities, since all generated resources and results are freely available Access the repository https: //

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