The LA Galaxy are interested in another Barça player

The LA Galaxy are interested in another Barça player

08/06/2022 at 00:07

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The Los Angeles club would have indicated their intention to sign another Xavi drop this season

The MLS club confirmed Riqui Puig’s signing this week

That LA galaxy They blasted the last day of the MLS market by making a strategic commitment: Riqui Puig22-year-old FC Barcelona player.

Well, according to AS, The Los Angeles club is preparing another integration of Can Barçaand it would be a footballer who doesn’t fit into Xavi Hernández’s plans for next season and with a defensive profilealthough he does not reveal the name.

The good relations between LA Galaxy and FC Barcelona ended with the agreement for Riqui Puig, they could proceed in a good port. And it is that they had already started with the supposed interest of the Los Angeles team Sergei Roberta few weeks ago, and they ended up putting Riqui’s name on the table.

According to the same information Roberto could be just the footballer LA Galaxy is interested in.

In any case, the signing couldn’t be made for that transfer market as their tenure in the North American league was up and they could only sign players who were free agents. If a contract is signed for the player mentioned above, it would already be over for the next transfer window, in winter, at the MLS.


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