The infusion that burns fat while you sleep and regulates cholesterol and glucose

The infusion that burns fat while you sleep and regulates cholesterol and glucose

Teas are a good alternative to coffee at breakfast.

An effective way to lose weight is to combine healthy eating and exercise with herbal teas


Losing weight requires will and commitment. To say goodbye to the extra kilos, in addition to regular physical activity, we must opt ​​for a healthy and balanced diet that provides the body with vitamins and nutrients.

There are no cures or miracle products that will make those love handles go away, but there are supplements that can help us achieve it. In this sense, infusions and teas play an important role because, in addition to having a satiating effect on the body, they can also help eliminate fluid retention and therefore reduce the contour.

The cold slimming infusion that reduces abdominal space and lowers cholesterol levels while you sleep

One of the drinks that we can use to accompany a slimming diet is that made with blueberries and chia. And that’s exactly what this infusion is one of the big favorites, as it also regulates cholesterol and glucose. In particular, these are all its properties:

This infusion of blueberries and chia eliminates fatty deposits, causing the body to lose volume. In addition, it speeds up the metabolism at rest.


Regulates cholesterol and sugar

This drink contains blueberries and helps regulate cholesterol and glucose.


Avoid fluid retention

Finally, this infusion helps reduce fluids (thanks to the blueberries), leaving you feeling less bloated and a flatter stomach.

How to make the infusion

The preparation of this infusion is very simple; All you need is water, a blueberry tea bag, and a teaspoon of chia.

First the water is heated and then the tea bag is added. Finally add the chia. If you can’t find blueberry tea that’s already made, all you have to do is heat the water and when it’s about to boil, put in a small handful of blueberries and let them sit for about five minutes for the water to absorb their properties before removing them from the water Warmth. Let stand and strain. Add half a teaspoon of chia.

Slimming teas: how to lose weight while you sleep

Slimming teas are typically “detox products” to be taken after meals or in the morning on an empty stomach, although they are even more effective in the evening. This is because your body is much better at repairing itself while you sleep than it is during the day when it has to take care of other functions that require energy.

Therefore, the body can lose weight very effectively during sleep if it is helped with certain products that stimulate metabolism and fat burning. Therefore, taking slimming infusions before bed will help you lose kilos and reach your goal sooner.

Remember that this is general information and under no circumstances replaces the advice of a professional.


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