The foreign investor reduces its weight in the listed companies while the bank increases it

The foreign investor reduces its weight in the listed companies while the bank increases it

Collective investment schemes, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions gained their weight in the past year in possession of e.gSpanish companies listed on the Stock Exchange, while foreign investors reduced it, although they continue to control most of the capital of listed companies. According to the latest data from BME study service withdrawn from Efe, at the end of 2021 the banks controlled 3.5% of the shares of the companies, eight tenths more than a year earlier and the maximum since 2015, as well as mutual funds, Insurance and other non-bank financial institutions, 7%, six tenths more.

These two groups were the only ones to increase their share over the past year. In contrast, that of foreign investors fell by 1.1% to 48.8% They remain the main owners of Spanish listed companies. Within this category, which has increased its weight by more than 14.5% on the Spanish stock exchange since 2000, managers of investment and pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and capital funds predominate. venture or investment banks and intermediaries.

As explained by BME, the management company of Spanish stock markets, one of the factors that explains the increase in ownership of foreign companies is the Greater internationalization of Spanish companies, especially those listed. Financial accounts published by the Banco de España at the end of 2021 show that non-resident investors hold around 24% of the capital of unlisted companies.

From the point of view of the BME, the presence of international investors and the importance of the stock market for the valuation of shares and the provision of liquidity speak as strong arguments against the financial transaction tax. “Because it is not a tax agreed with the EUthe Spanish stock market and thus the most important Spanish companies listed on the stock exchange are unjustifiably disadvantaged as an investment alternative to other competing companies based in other European markets”, affirms the director of the BME study service, Domingo Garcia Coto in the statement.

The tribute, which also exists in a similar form in countries like France, United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden or Belgium, In Spain it has been in force since January 2021. Data released by the BME last year shows that the weight of international investors fell (by three tenths) in 2020 compared to 2019, the year in which it reached its historical maximum.

In 2021, the participation in the hands of public administrations was also reduced by two tenths to 2.7% and that of non-financial corporations by one tenth to 20.9%. Finally, the weight of families in public companies, which has fallen in recent years, remained at 17.1%, far from the peak of 33.6% reached in 1999.


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