Sea and separation wanted for Iñigo Martínez, Barcelona’s Athletic Central

Sea and separation wanted for Iñigo Martínez, Barcelona's Athletic Central

During the summer soap opera Inigo Martinez – FC Barcelona still does not enlighten too much, the Athletic Club international soccer player takes the opportunity to switch off with his motorboat in the sea (see video below), far from the “worldly noise” that is said. his trainer, Ernest ValverdeHe, who gave the squad two days off after returning from Germany, will not meet again with the central defender until Tuesday in Lezama.

The technician, an old fox, has once again practiced – as usual – as a fire extinguisher of noise and bonfires, with balmy pronouncements in the Germanic country ironing out the Blaugrana’s interest in Iñigo. “I assume it’s all the classic thing that happens in the summer, that some clubs are interested or that there are talks that they’re interested. We’re calm,” said the Viandar de la Vera resident.

Ernesto Valverde, in Germany, gives instructions against Mainz 05 (Photo: Athletic Club).

“We always isolate ourselves a bit from what comes out and that’s it,” said the Athletic coach after the friendly against Mainz 05 in Mainz.

Valverde and the soap opera Iñigo Martínez

“Iñigo didn’t transfer anything to me. We’re all very calm at the club. We have players who are very committed to the club. He’s a very important player for us, just like the others. We have that.” good players and we have them all,” Valverde explained to the press.

But it’s not at all clear that everyone believes that the situation is that simple, or that the flavor evaporates with such a naive appearance. The best footballer in the squad will end his contract in June 2023 and his case is a hot topic for the new board of Jon Uriarte.

Card to centre-back Iñigo Martínez in Germany's friendly against Mainz 05 (Photo: Athletic Club).
Card to centre-back Iñigo Martínez in Germany’s friendly against Mainz 05 (Photo: Athletic Club).

Athletic’s keys with Iñigo Martínez

Both Inigo Martinez (May 17, 1991) as his uncle and agent, Carmelthey know full well that the defender is a highly regarded footballer for his high performances, that he will play in a World Cup and that he may be facing his last major sporting contract as he is already 31 years old.

It’s obvious that Athletic will have to fight hard to keep him in Bilbao, nothing would come cheap but in the event he decided to leave (which in principle the Sevillasta seems to have as a switch Jules Kounde), one would have to see what the centre-back gets before letting him go on a free transfer or even considering sending him to the stands.

But today that goes too far and falls into the inertia and haste typical of social networks. At the moment there is no record of the footballer asking to leave Athletic, at least that’s what his coach has suggested, and he will continue to prepare at Lezama for the four remaining friendlies before LaLiga Santander kicks off.

On video: Iñigo Martínez breaks up in the sea of ​​rumors about his future after 8 days in Germany

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