Real Zaragoza came back to the end and deservedly defeated Saudi Al Shabab

Real Zaragoza came back to the end and deservedly defeated Saudi Al Shabab

In the last 12 minutes, Real Zaragoza solved the first game in Marbella against Al-Shabab of Saudi First Division. Zaragoza lost 1-0 after a goal early in the second half and after dominating and missing several clear goals and heading towards another disappointment, it was the final reaction. It was a useful rehearsal for the coaching staff against a rival of a certain rank, which required commitment and almost competitive play Entrances full of sparks.

The first half can easily be summed up: the Zaragoza side did almost everything well… except for the goal. Carcedo’s men dominated one of the leading teams in the Saudi Arabian league, they had much more ball possession and executed those automatisms that the coach tries to establish in the minds of his players, namely attacks on the wings – especially from the sides, the constant centers looking for shots from three or four strikers, the constant pressure when the rival is in control of the ball, or the quick combinations in tight spaces in midfield. But the climax was always missing. to fix the evil. The stain from the last two seasons has set in and there is no way to fix it.

Chances were created in front of South Korea international Seun Guy’s goal, but nobody managed to put it on the net. The same song from the last biennium. Under normal conditions of success, victory could have been achieved in as little as 10 minutes at the start of the game. Because Chavarría shot wide in the 5th minute and the keeper hastily saved it; Puche passed from the front in the 9th and was missed by a meter; and Bermejo had the goal at will in the 11th minute after a low pass in the penalty area gamezbut his timid shot crashed into the doll, understood the defense Krychowiakformer Sevillian.

Al Shabab Riyadh was rather poor in attack. Banega steered the rudder in slow motion, and his colleagues were always idle. They stayed out of Cristian Álvarez’s area until 23 minutes – great news – and it was Al Abid who fired from a set piece, in a rotten thread that the Argentine stopped far below. The game played in hot and humid environment, long expired. With many fouls and protests from the Arabs, some of which deserved a red card in a competitive game. The Brazilian Carlos Junior was able to make it 1-0 in the 40but his shot into the penalty area, only against the goalkeeper after a pass into the room Banega, he was twice stopped by Cristian at a parade. Both teams were eagerly asking for the break, tired and a bit disillusioned their small success as they approached competing territories.

The first period ended with what seemed a clear Al Tambakti penalty to Simeone, a charge in the 42 which the referee did not consider a maximum penalty. The young signing from Zaragoza, a first-time striker, fought hard but almost nothing ended well. It’s difficult to play as a 9 in this team, some of his predecessors know that. Carcedo’s goal and defense smelled like a starter. It’s the norm lately. And in midfield, Grau was out of order, with Francho and Vada floating too much on offense, with missed shots from the youth team who don’t have a well-coordinated angle of view. Above the Puche fight was the best. Bermejo, right, very subdued.

In the second part, Carcedo renewed the eleven on 8 positions. just left Jair, Bermejo and Simeone. The Saudis barely made two changes. 10 minutes went by until Bermejo missed a free header in the small penalty area for a good cross in the 56th minute sweet bread. The ’10’ wasp didn’t put its head down well. The short corners that Carcedo wants don’t go well. And from one of them came a counterattack from the Asians that ended 1-0 in a quick one-on-one by Argentine Guanca behind the centre-backs’ backs that ended with a perfect Vaseline on Rebollo’s exit. Fatal error in all penalty lines.

The second 45 minutes were more blurred by Zaragoza. The team rolled worse. After the Arab goal there was that classic reaction of pride from the team passing. Azón missed a goal in the penalty area, which came small in the center of the newly emerged in the 66th minute Larrazabal, the shot was stopped by the opposing goalkeeper. And at the exit of the following curve, Eugene he put down a perfect ball – that’s right – and Luis Lopez headed for the net but a save arose from a single hand Seun-gyu which prevented the draw. a disgrace There was another clear chance in the 72nd, Larrazabal scoring after a keeper’s false start over the top against Azón in front of an empty goal. The Basque’s shot went to heaven, bad. The rush was beginning to stun Carcedo’s men. They wanted but couldn’t.

Al Shabab, completely renovated after the season, suffered badly from the changes. And Zaragoza came up with everything on the final stretch. And Jair knew how to capitalize on that final rush from a corner in the 78th minute of the second game. He put the left into the penalty area on a dead ball and overcame the goalkeeper. The 1:1 was much fairer, as you could see all afternoon. Never a Zaragoza defeat. Immediately the crystalline option came to victory, Well, Azón stayed hand in hand against the goalkeeper in 81. But his shot hit the right post, just like in Tarragona. It was the warning that this squad’s true goalscorer would turn the tide in the few games left.

Photo of the match between Real Zaragoza and Al Shabab in Marbella, fourth pre-season friendly
LOF agency

It was 85, after that a good center of Mollejo, with the toe going to the near post like a howitzer. So things were already there. The best of the bet has won. And by the way, the doubts that Real Zaragoza had shown again in his goal blindness for 78 minutes were allayed. Azón sweetened everything again. With the help of a stubborn Mollejo and the definitive reactivation of Eugeni, of Molina in midfield, of an incisive Nieto on his wing… The team, as in Lleida and Tarragona, has at least shown that it has a spirit of reaction and was able to score an initial disadvantage overcome.

data sheet

Al Shabab Riyadh FC: Seung-gyu; Al Saqoor (Al Ghamdi, 63), Al Tambakti (Al Sharari, 46), Krychowiak (Al Dawsari, 63), Al Harbi (Al Sibyani, 63); Al Monassar (N’Diaye, 63), Banega (Mohamed, 63), Al Abid (Abdullah, 63); Carlos Junior (Al Shammary, 63), Bahbri (Al Alammar, 46); and Guanca (Abdou, 63).

Royal Zaragoza: Cristian Alvarez (Rebollo, 46); Gámez (Luna, 46), Frances (Lluís López, 46), Jair, Chavarría (Nieto, 46); Gray (Petrovic, 46), Francho (Molina, 46), Vada (Eugeni, 46); Bermejo (Larrazabal, 63), Puche (Mollejo, 46); and Simeone (Azone, 63).

Referee: Morales Moreno (Andalusian). He admonished Chavarría (22), Lluís López (80) and Molina (81).

Goals: 1-0, min. 59: Guanka. 1-1 min. 78: Jair. 1-2 mins. 85: azone.

Incidents: Hot afternoon at Marbella Football Center, with 30 degrees, a light breeze and humidity above 68%. The lawn was in excellent condition. Real Zaragoza disguised as a wasp, black and yellow. It was played behind closed doors to the public, with only a few relatives attending the clash. Gustavo Poyet, former Zaragoza player and Greek coach, stood in the stands.


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