Mini just introduced the Concept Aceman in pictures

Mini just introduced the Concept Aceman in pictures

Mini has just unveiled the Concept Aceman in pictures, a car that will come into the series to bridge the gap between the Mini and the Mini Countryman. Likewise, this prototype electric crossover advances the design lines of the British firm’s future models. The new aesthetic language that the brand demands Charismatic simplicity, shows clean and simple strokes. Inside, the digital experience prevails.

The Mini Concept Aceman has a four-door body with a length of 405 centimeters, a width of 199 centimeters and a height of 159 centimeters. The passenger compartment offers space for five occupants, who can leave their luggage in a good trunk (at least that’s what the brand says, which didn’t give details of the load capacity). With the naked eye you can see that the car has no chrome trim at all.

The new aesthetic language, which the brand calls Charismatic Simplicity, shows clean and simple lines

On the front, the iconic features of the British company have been reinterpreted: the frame of the fully clad grille is now octagonal – traditionally it has a hexagonal shape – and is surrounded by LED lighting in a bright shade of green. The headlights also have their own contours and move away from the classic round shape.

The LED light contours play a major role on the front


Viewed from the side, the Concept Aceman shows large, flat, geometrically shaped wheel arches on 20-inch alloy wheels, which give it a robust appearance. The matt green side skirts, which are more pronounced in the door area, also give the vehicle an athletic look. Another element that stands out from the body is that the door handles are flush mounted so they don’t protrude like traditional handles.

For the first time in a Mini, the body has flush door handles

Paying homage to the brand’s British roots, the Union Jack design has been incorporated into both the taillight graphic and the sturdy roof rack, which features green tie-down straps and an iridescent coating that creates a metallic sheen effect that spans a wide range of colours (blue, turquoise, green and violet). The rear is characterized by a shape that widens towards the ground.

Mini Concept Aceman, the preview of the brand's new generation of electric cars

The rear lights show a light signature in the form of the Union Jack


The interior of the Concept Aceman is also characterized by a modern and minimalist style. “We focus on a simple design that is combined with high-quality materials and pleasant colors. Digitalization enables us to implement a minimalist driving concept while maximizing the typical mini-style experience,” explains Oliver Heilmer, head of the design department at brand .

A circular touchscreen with OLED technology dominates the central part of the dashboard

The wide surfaces with slight curves in the area of ​​the door panels and the dashboard convey a great sense of space. This feeling is also enhanced by the panoramic glass roof that floods the cabin with light. A circular touchscreen with OLED technology dominates the central part of the dashboard. Below that is a row of multiple lever switches that you can use to apply the parking brake, select gears, select driving modes, or control the volume of the audio system.

Mini Concept Aceman, the preview of the brand's new generation of electric cars

A luggage rack with straps in the shape of the British flag is mounted on the roof


The display and control system of the production model is based on the latest generation of the MINI Operating System, which for the first time is based on Android Open Source Software (AOSP). This enables an expansion of the vehicle’s digital functions.

The brand explains that moving images can be projected onto the entire dashboard and even the door panels, creating an unprecedented digital experience. The car can be configured in three different modes that combine different visual and audio presentations.

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Thus, the so-called Personal Mode allows the user to project the desired image onto the OLED screen. This new form of personalization is supplemented by a moving image projection on the dashboard, which can show, for example, cloud formations, sea waves or the shiny surface of a swimming pool. The selected projection is accompanied by a suitable sound environment.

Mini Concept Aceman, the preview of the brand's new generation of electric cars

The Concept Aceman offers an immersive digital experience with images projected across the entire dashboard and even the door panels.


In addition, there is the Pop-Up mode (the system presents a sensory experience according to the chosen route destination) and the Vivid mode (it is an entertainment proposal to distract yourself both during the short breaks at traffic lights and during the charging of the battery charged high voltage ).

The debut of Aceman in front of the general public will take place at the gamescom 2022 video game fair, which will take place from August 23rd to 28th in Cologne (Germany). It is an international meeting between developers, publishers, experts and fans of the world of video games and esports.

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