Madrid present two great teams

Madrid present two great teams

ANDhe Madrid of present and future was presented in a good way at Oracle Park in San Francisco to the delight of the 40,000 fans who gathered at the Giants ballpark. Ancelotti He didn’t resist the temptation and started the second preseason game at CMK. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric back at the controls, with Tchouamni, Camavinga and Fede watched her from the bench. Quite a declaration of intent from the coach, to which the newcomers reacted with rebellion in the second part. There will be a fight. Because when Madrid signed good minutes under the direction of the three tenors, they were overwhelming in the second. Tony KroosThe Tran Tran, who is said to go into the Tran, was rested with the ball on his foot for the first 45 minutes because nobody circles the ball like he does. With Modric as the ideal partner, Madrid played harmoniously in the first half. The second was Rock and Roll, with Tchouamni, Camavinga and Ceballos Push and spring in locomotive mode per band. There is no team in the world with an infield like Madrid.

The difference, yes, is still marked by the ‘9’. Real Madrid changed radically compared to last Saturday’s Clsico because it was like that on the pitch Karim Benzema. I know that with the French there is no room for debate. At the moment he is the best footballer in the world and unlike midfielders, no young players are watching him from the bench. The next Ballon d’Or is still without relief but neither the club nor Carlo Ancelotti, who blindly trust Karim’s elixir of youth, seem overly concerned. There will be no replacement for it because it simply doesn’t exist.

Madrid need to find a plan for Karim’s three absences during the season and not sign a footballer who would be doomed to play just over six games a year. At the moment, Benzema it is messi, Christian Y mbpp, players who play everything and don’t even leave the crumbs. Therefore, after the absences of Jovic and Mariano, Madrid’s strategy is clear: Benzema and nothing else. If it’s missing, Ancelotti has to think Ancelotti. The plan works for now Danger, who had 45 minutes in that forward position again. And the Belgian didn’t do badly, what an illusion with good maneuvers crowned with a penalty goal.

Benzema starts as he left off: great goal after 22 minutes

Killer and Glue

There is no doubt that Madrid is much more Madrid Benzema. It took the Frenchman 23 minutes to see the keeper. America won 1-0 when Karim picked the ball off the edge of the box and made one of his classic moves. millimeter wall with Asensi and right hand to the far post, which Ochoa cannot reach. Golazo and the team’s first goal Ancelotti on tour. As usual. Benzema is goal and glue. The killer and partner of everyone.

the goal of Benzema was the draw because Madrid started the game mostly while they were sleeping Ruediger, who relaxed on America’s first arrival and had Henry Martin pick up a good filtered pass within range. He beat Lunin on America’s 21st, a first in Carletto’s XI.

Madrid started with Lucas Vzquez, Nacho, Ruediger and Mendy behind it a defense that doesn’t look like Ancelotti’s starter at the moment. For now, the Italian’s commitment is in the same direction as last year, with Carvajal, Militao, Alaba and Mendy on pole. It looks like if Carvajal’s ankle recovers it will be the four defenders against Eintracht red marked by the coaching staff.

Rüdiger falls asleep… and Henry Martin dials

good first part

Madrid signed a good first half considering they barely had a handful of training sessions. The whites pushed up and circulated the ball well, keeping America out of their area. Vinicius interrupted them on the left, Benzema played Benzema and Modric and Kroos circulated the ball and the Whites blocked the Mexicans after overcoming the 0-1 error. Karim narrowly missed making it 2-1 after a good connection to Casemiro and another majestic maneuver before the break, but his shot just missed the corner. Everything he does is good for the team. As a captain, he even won the field lottery. Absolute leader, he even wanted to throw a few corners because he passed. Barring an accident in the form of an injury, Madrid will be fighting for everything again Benzema.

By the way, the attacking trident was completed by Asensio, who didn’t show up much more than making the wall Benzema at 1:1. He doesn’t impose himself in this pre-season start either, so the starting position for the European Super Cup seems to lie with Fede Valverde, who occupied the winger position in the second half. As in defence, Ancelotti appears to be maintaining the same roadmap in attack as last year.

Hazard scores with Madrid… 188 days later!

Eight changes at halftime and hazard scoring

Madrid started attacking in the second half, with Fede Valverde coming in like a dagger from the right. In the 48th minute, one of his runs ended in a great assist for Hazard, who shot over the bar. The Belgian is excited, and shortly thereafter continues to fabricate the penalty game Luke. He took the ball and made it 2-1 with the maximum penalty with a perfect execution. There is no doubt that he is growing and that at Cibeles his head has clicked. He wants to be successful in white and does everything for himself. When injuries respect him, his quality can make all the difference.

Tshouamni also left good feelings. He played Casemiro much braver than against Barcelona and brought arrival. Roz scored with a shot from the edge that could show his tremendous power. Second pre-season game and early to draw conclusions but it seems clear Madrid made no mistake with their investment. It smells like a great player, eh Camavingawho also left us in a good mood in the duel against the Mexicans.

In the end, Ancelotti was smiling on the wing, liking what he saw in the first half and second half. Two different Madrids, but just as effective and intense. The one with the touch and the one with rock and roll. Those of the CMK and those of the children. The key will be in the mix when things get serious and certainly success, always with Benzema who doesn’t understand friendlies.

Where did Lunin go? For the penalty, but it’s repeated for walking forward 3 meters!

Fidalgo’s swimming pool and final draw

Madrid missed out on victory due to referee error. Fildalgo face Vinicius Tobias… and screwed it up with a swimming pool. Pic the referee more anxious to repeat the maximum penalty stopped by Lunin. He moved two meters forward and they will chase him. The second time, the Madrid youth team really stepped up their game and scored the final 2:2.


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