Lidl is putting an electric car on sale in Germany, when will it arrive in Spain?

Lidl is putting an electric car on sale in Germany, when will it arrive in Spain?

In the Lidl bazaar we can find all kinds of products: kitchen utensils, scales, clothes, children’s toys, fans, speakers and everything we can think of. What if not too long ago They sell cars? What we already know is that in Germany offered for sale through a subscription modality, a The Chinese electric car Elaris Finn.

It’s not as if the Lidl areas in Germany have become car dealerships and cars are parked in the aisles, because this is the only electric model currently available via the Lidl Plus app. Actually, the supermarket is a mediator This makes it easy to get hold of him, but the final contract puts him out of action like2drive.

Elaris Finn, the electric car from Lidl

By buying the car via the Lidl Plus app, the user saves 47 euros on the monthly bill. Because the Elaris Finn costs 269 euros per month, but with one discount code of the German distribution giant is the cost 222 euros per month. The price of the car made in China and available in Germany since 2019 is enclosed €20,330

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A two-seater similar to the Smart Fortwo

The Elaris Finn has one 48 hp electric motor and reaches a maximum speed dand 115 kilometers per hour. It measures 2.80 meters in length and weighs only 930 kilos. Despite its small size, it’s not considered a microcar, so you’ll need one to drive it Type B driving license As with other similar models. Only has two seats, it is designed to move around the city with agility and park in any space. Because of its design, it reminds us of the Smart Fortwo and other models to drive around the city.

This car has one 32kWh battery with which it has up to 265 km of autonomy after the WLTP cycle. According to motorized trade media, the Elaris is Finn charges in about five hours in a household socket and in just over an hour at a fast charging station.

Interior of the Elaris Finn electric car sold by Lidl

Interior of the Elaris Finn electric car sold by Lidl

As for the interior, it is characterized by a 12.3 inch touch screen on the dashboard. The entire dashboard is digital and has Air conditioning. The exterior is very simple and the highlights are the LED headlights.

It is not the first time that Lidl has sold cars in Germany. He did that back in 2021 when he proposed the in leasing mode Renault Twingo, Renault Clio and Kia Stonic. All units were sold out within a few weeks. has now been put up for sale 100 units of the Elaris Finn. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes down with the Germans and whether it will eventually become a sales giant it “dares” to bet on a similar strategy on the Spanish market.


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