Lewandowski: “We didn’t talk about 2-8”

Lewandowski: "We didn't talk about 2-8"

Robert lewandowski gave his first press conference as a barcelona player. The Pole assures that he is very happy with the reception in the team. He hopes Bara will make the leap in quality his signing aspires to and insists nothing he’s achieved in the past is worth it. What matters is what can still be achieved.

Lewandowski’s press conference

Lewandowski’s performance ends. Xavi leaves

Poland vs Mexico at the World Cup

“I’ve seen the great support the Mexicans have for Bara. I’m very grateful for that. When we talk about the World Cup, it’s going to be a big challenge because Mexico are a great team.”

The 2: 8 with Bayern

“I have to say we haven’t talked about that yet. That is past. It’s better not to look back. That is our idea.”

How many years do you have left at the best level?

“That’s hard to answer. I feel great physically.”

The four goals against Madrid

“That was a few years ago. Everyone remembers that game. We have to think about what we can do, not what we did.”

Bring a winning mindset

“I hope so. My mind is always on winning the game and scoring the goal. It doesn’t matter what the game or opponent. I’m always hungry to win. There’s great potential in this team. We all have to work together, step by step Action.”

pre-season in the US

“Every preparatory game is important for us to prepare well for the season. We have to try to do our best. We have a winning mentality. Win everything, even friendlies.”


“From day one they try to make it easier for me. It means a lot to me. I have to adapt to the team.”


“I never say how many goals I want to score. The most important thing is what I do with the team and for the team.”


“I try to do my best. The most important thing is what we do as a team.”


“I talked to him a lot about tactics. After that it’s easier to adapt to any system. He changed the way I see football, understand it. It’s not difficult for me to find solutions on the pitch, because I was a great coach. Thanks to him, it should be easier to adapt to what Xavi is asking for”.

relationship with Raphinha

“He has a great quality. I think I have a good connection with my team-mates from day one. With that quality it’s easier to understand each other. They know how they should play and they know how good they are .”

first days

“Everyone helps me. I came to do my best.”

Striving for the champions

“When you play for Bara you always think about winning titles, but it has to be done step by step. With our potential, we can be up there and fight. This season will be better than the previous one.”


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