Ivan Azón: Real Zaragoza’s 9

Ivan Azón: Real Zaragoza's 9

Iván Azón, already equipped with the traditional goalscoring back and fully transformed into a first-team player with his number 9 and his new contract, embraces the illusion of the burgeoning Real Zaragoza project, in which he forms one of his identity pillars . Azón is only 19 years old, but he’s lived with this team for so long that he bears the scars of a veteran. On his shoulders over the past two seasons has been a responsibility perhaps equal to others, but if Azón has anything it’s maturity, composure and character, a personality well beyond his 19 years. Now the 9 has fallen on his back while the club is looking for one on the market, if perhaps it is young Iván, the 9 with inaccessible numbers and an uncatchable placard that is so coveted. “This number change is a responsibility. Wearing the 9 is a very big illusion for me. I’m looking forward to it and I’m really looking forward to achieving the goal that we’ve been striving for so much for many years,” Azón said this Tuesday in Ciudad Deportiva.

He scored seven goals in just four months, a goal explosion that did justice to the opening phase of last season when he had more chances than success. Now he knows what is required of him. “My goal is to score as many goals as possible. I also want to help the team as much as possible with my game, be it from the start or from the bench. I know I have a responsibility, but I have to approach this year with enthusiasm,” he admitted.

One of the news of the summer at Real Zaragoza is his renewal, the culmination of a desire that makes him, with Francho and Francés, the three lanterns of the new project. “I am very happy to stay at home. Now I have to keep working and growing at the club. I set short-term goals and try to develop my game,” he explained. “I think it’s good that the academy is already part of the team. It’s also good that players with more experience come from outside. We are proud to represent our club. Francho, Francés and I have known each other since we were little and we got promoted to the first team almost simultaneously,” he added.

Azón sees potential in the first few days under Juan Carlos Carcedo’s command. “I am very happy. I think we have a very good group and we hug, which I think is very important together. As for me, I’m very happy with my goal recently because it’s a good start. That’s required of us strikers, and I’m personally very happy about that,” he emphasized.

Attack is the area where the club wants to raise the level. That Zaragoza is growing, taking another step forward. “It’s good to have competition in all positions. If someone else comes, they’ll be welcomed with open arms, but that depends on the club and what they think,” Azón said. At the moment, he already has the company of Mollejo and Simeone. “I don’t know Mollejo that well because he’s has only just arrived. He’s a young player with enthusiasm and experience in this league. Giuliano is a player with a lot of Rasmie and in some aspects of the game he’s a bit similar to me. I think the compatibility with the other strikers is very good.” , he analyzed.

Of course, the First Division appears in the sights of the dressing room. “That is the main goal of the team. It has been all these years. It would be a great pride to achieve this goal, not only for us but for the whole city, which I believe deserves it,” concluded Iván Azón.


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