How we have changed! No matter your age, these classic car ads will surprise you

How we have changed!  No matter your age, these classic car ads will surprise you

Advertising, sometimes reviled, is undoubtedly a very valid way of analyzing society at any time in history. The market studies, the messages, are aimed at having the greatest possible effect and are largely in line with general needs and trends, particularly with certain products, such as those relating to cars.

In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s of the last century there were not as many advertising channels as there are today and it was the paper media, the cinema and in particular, television is the main avenue of advertising.

In this article we made one small selection of TV spots This may sound familiar to those over 40, but It will surely surprise the youngest through the form and content of the funding.

“New car? No, rally.”

Despite the passage of time, that message still lingers in the memories of many, many people, even though the product itself was not a car but a body polish. It’s from 1975.

“For the war of everyday life”

In 1981, Seat made this display of funds worthy of a blockbuster (which it is) to promote the legendary 127, a car whose reliability and toughness they wanted to boast.

“With you to the end of the world”

This mid-1980s Peugeot 205 campaign had several different ads and this one used the winning image of an ‘alpha male’ at his best.


This Citroën AX advert was probably one of the funniest of the late 1980s, thanks to the image of a little Chinese boy making the victory sign.

“Its beauty is its mechanics”

Another campaign with blockbuster undertones, pitting the Renault 4 against terrifying mechanical foes in a Roman circus.

“The noise”

Volkswagen believed (and still believes) in the excellence of its Golf, and in this eighties GTI commercial he makes it clear that if you hear a noise, it can’t be coming from the car…

“Youth flows through his veins”

Youth, energy and color to promote the 1986 Opel Corsa Swing. Its catchy music accompanies you throughout the day.

“To get away from the others”

In 1984, the extinct Talbot brand, then owned by the PSA Group, allowed itself an acceleration “sprint” with its Horizon model and a jet.

“Life is the most beautiful journey”

Some very young Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya, 1990 World Rally Champion, played in the DGT campaign a year later to drive calmly and without risk.

“Wherever your Montero takes you…”

It’s 1994 and we’re in an uninhabited part of Spain, which wouldn’t be so strange now. The lovable and curious villager was very popular thanks to this beautiful and original Mitsubishi Montero campaign.


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