Harvard unveils technique to improve memory

Harvard unveils technique to improve memory

Regardless of age, poor lifestyle habits, constant exposure to stress and even environmental factors can be associated with fatigue and reduced mental performance.

Although forgetfulness is more common among older people, younger and younger people may have periods of forgetting some aspects or details., e.g. B. where the keys were deposited. This shows symptoms of poor brain performance.

The body-mind portal points out that just as the muscles and other parts of the body suffer if they do not experience a minimum of physical activity and a good diet, the memory also needs care to remain healthy and in good condition.

Experts talk about different techniques that help take care of it and Harvard University has worked on this aspect in a special way. According to this institution, it can be used when memory problems are not recurrent but occur spontaneously.

According to the digital newspaper Business Insider, is about the Dancers technique, which can help to remember information better and thus prevent people from forgetting small or large details. In particular, it is an acrostic that should be observed and taken into account in everyday life.

D: Disease control. Not keeping diseases under control can affect memory, and for this reason it is common for specialists to recommend measures aimed at staying healthy. For this reason, it is important to avoid tobacco, keep blood pressure at an appropriate level, control cholesterol levels and monitor the amount of glucose in the blood, the publication assures Business Insider.

A: Activity. Cardiovascular exercises are great for improving memory. The most comfortable activities include walking, running or swimming. According to ARRP, an American agency that serves people over the age of 50, physical activity can improve memory and thinking skills and even reduce the risk of developing dementia.

A study published in the journal last January Alzheimer’s & Dementia, concluded that people who remain active have higher levels of brain proteins that improve the connections between neurons.

N: nutrition. The key is the food. Business Insider points out that for Harvard experts, “DASH, MIND, and Mediterranean diets emphasize whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, oily fish, and healthy fats.”

C: Cognitive stimulation. One of the most viable methods of maintaining memory is training the brain, and therefore one of the recommendations is to resort to the methods necessary to conduct training sessions.

Obligation. One of the Harvard experts’ recommendations is to develop healthy social relationships, as this helps to avoid depression and be less forgetful. “Any kind of community involvement is helpful,” Lydia Cho, a psychologist and neuropsychologist at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital, is quoted as saying Business Insider.

Answer: relaxation. Practicing yoga, meditating, reading a book, or taking a relaxing bath are some activities people can do to unwind and calm their minds.

S: sleep. When a person sleeps, the brain removes toxins from the body. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep and having good sleep hygiene requires setting a schedule, avoiding electronic devices for an hour before bed, and not eating before bed.

In addition to the above technique, according to information from the Psychology and Mind portal, there are other tricks. For example, noticing small things whether at home, in the office or while walking around town. According to Xavier Molina, author of the article, it is important to ask yourself about these objects or things and this will help ensure that they are not forgotten.

It is also important to practice memory regularly because if a person writes everything down, they may not remember it later. Another good exercise is to try to remember on your own. “If Google is used every time there is a question about some data, the memory is not exercised properly and an opportunity for the brain to develop the ability to retrieve data or information is lost,” said the above source .

It is also important to engage in other activities such as travelling, meeting friends, reading, breaking out of routine and escaping stress.

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