Final of the 35km men’s hike, live

Final of the 35km men's hike, live

López for his new goal, eighth place

Seven men remain at the front of the race and behind them a pair of two has already formed between Miguel Ángel López and Mexico’s Ortiz. Both are battling for eighth place, the Spaniard’s new goal of becoming a finalist.

15 seconds from the front of the race

Miguel Ángel López is tenth, falling behind the front of the race already 15 seconds away. The medals are complicated for the Spaniards.

Lopez hangs up

The leading group of the race is divided into two. Miguel ngel López stays away from this first group. But he still maintains the pace as he’s still ninth, 8 seconds behind Pintado.

20 km target

López overtakes tenth place with 15 kilometers to go before the end of the march. The Ecuadorian pintado is placed first.

Daisuke Matsunaga loses the rhythm

After 23 seconds the Japanese chasing group passes and in a couple of kilometers it seems like they will stop being the first. López is still in contention for the medals, there is a Spanish option.

López returns to the chasing group

López rejoins the chasing group and they are already 33 seconds off the leader of the race in ninth position.

First warning for a Spaniard

Tur receives the first red card, the first for a Spaniard. The Japanese is gradually losing pace and the pursuers are closing in, having stolen 15 seconds from him in just 2 kilometers.

López begins to break out of the chasing group

Change of pace for Perseus Karlstrom, who closes the gap to the Japanese at kilometer 15. López starts to walk a few meters with his teammates and finishes ninth.

One minute from the front of the race

The Japanese continues to walk the 20km at a pace of 1:20:00 despite having just received his first warning at 13km. López is still seventh and fighting for the medals, although the distance has already been extended to a minute with the race’s head.

Lopez is seventh

Daisuke Matsunaga remains first, 54 seconds behind the chasing group, Miguel ngel López stays on the lead and remains seventh.

10 km run

52 seconds the Japanese eliminates the chasing group consisting of 8 runners, with López and his group trying to capture the Japanese. Álvaro López is 42nd and Tur 24th in the 10K.

López continues to fight for the medals

Averaging 4 minutes per kilometer is the pace at which the Japanese are leading the race, having already clocked up 8 kilometers of testing. The Spaniard overtakes seventh place in the chasing group. The first penalties, in which the Spaniards do not sink for the time being, begin.

Lopez is eighth

Miguel Angel López jumps into eighth place, 53 seconds off the leader of the race after we’ve already been in testing for half an hour.

Matsunaga is unstoppable

Daisuke Matsunaga continues to increase the gap with the now 13-strong chasing group, the Japanese is 51 seconds behind.

Miguel Ángel López is sixth

López does not lose the wake and passes in sixth, 48 seconds behind the Japanese.

Tur passes as twenty-eighth

The chasing group is getting smaller and smaller, but López doesn’t lose his rhythm and stays in the top ten. Tur is 28th, a minute and two seconds from the front of the race.

Lopez finishes eighth

Perseus Karlstrom pulls the second group to get closer to the Japanese. For his part, López finished eighth.

Miguel Ángel López overtakes eleventh place

The second chasing group is already 29 seconds behind the Japanese, in this group the Spaniard Miguel ngel López is eleventh.

position of the Spaniards

Marc Tur and Miguel Angel López are in the second row of the peloton, but Álvaro López is more off the hook. The first classified Chinese walker has a pace under 2 hours 20 minutes.

Matsunaga takes advantage of this

The Japanese Daisuke Matsunaga has not given his teammates a rest and has distanced himself from the second, the Italian, since the starting gun.

The end begins

50 walkers start the competition, three Spaniards fight for the medals.

Everything ready in Eugine for the finale to begin

Marc Tur, Miguel Angel Lopez and Alvaro Lopez Nez They will try to win medals in this test, which starts at 3:15 p.m. The 35-kilometer walk is a route making its debut at this event and that replaces the old 50 kilometers.

Marc Tur compete after Fourth place at the Tokyo Olympics in the upper distance the 50 km hike.

The Spaniard visited MARCA and talked about the new distance. “There will be a lot of war at the 35K. Many 20’s will double and those of us who made the 50’s are down to 35’s. There will be a group of very strong, high-level runners. It motivates me. Maybe I’ll fight for the ‘Top 8’.”

For his part Álvaro López comes to this event after winning gold at the Muscat (Omn) World Cup for teams in March.

Last, Miguel Angel Lopez looking for his third World Championship medal (silver 2013 in Moscow and gold 2015 in Beijing). At the last appointment in Doha (2019) he was twenty-sixth.


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