Feneval advises advance reservations due to vehicle shortages

Feneval advises advance reservations due to vehicle shortages

In connection with the shortage of vehicles due to the global semiconductor crisisthe President of the National Confederation of Landlords Employers, John Louis Barahonahas returned Insist customers on the need to anticipate and book as early as possiblegiven the peak demand expected for this month of August, mainly by international tourists from UK, Germany and France.

“Despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine or even the strike of some airlines, which leads to the cancellation of some reservations, we continue to experience one high demand from international tourists, which we expect to continue to increase throughout the month of August, including September‘ Barahona explained.

But despite the good tourist forecasts The maximum rental car fleet will be 27.5% below pre-pandemic levels. This is why the president of the national employers’ association has been warning users of this shortage for months: “On July 31 we only had 550,000 vehicles (between passenger and commercial vehicles), although we assume that we can reach a number close to 600,000 vehicles in this summer season, while in 2019 the circulating fleet was around 820,000 cars”.

To mitigate this fleet shortage, the car rental industry is adopting various strategies to meet demand: companies are renegotiating buyback agreements with manufacturers to hold them for up to 10 months or more, and delaying divestiture (selling the fleet).

They also multiply conversations with brands to see delivery times and plan purchases. In addition to timely purchase through alternative channels.

In this sense, the President of the Employers’ Confederation wanted to “highlight the important role played by the RAC in the context of the tourist experience in Spain that has evolved Provide more than 20 million services in 2019. But also within the automotive industry, since vehicle rental represents a strategic sector for brands, as it represents 20% of manufacturers’ turnover, which we again ask them to maintain this percentage in these crucial times for the sector.”

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