Elon Musk countered Twitter by claiming the company didn’t detail the number of fake accounts

Elon Musk countered Twitter by claiming the company didn't detail the number of fake accounts

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has filed a confidential counterclaim against Twitter after the company sued him for terminating the €43 million deal to buy the platform in early July, it has been reported. The Wall Street Journal.

The tycoon’s counterclaim will serve to note that Twitter did not respond when asked about the number of fake accounts that existed on the social network and how, according to Musk’s legal team, the social network located and eliminated them.

Likewise, the aforementioned newspaper collected that it is “probable” that Tesla’s founder claims that the company changed the number of monetizable daily active users before the agreement was finalized between the two parties, affecting the purchase price of the network Social would have changed .

Musk’s legal team has previously claimed that Twitter violated its agreement for a variety of reasons, including the company firing two executives, thereby violating the agreement.

Judge Jude McCormick, who is overseeing the case, has ordered the trial to be held in mid-October, ten days after he thought the trial would take place this month, but did not specify the date.

McCormick held the trial in October and agreed with the company, which had asked for the trial to be “expedited,” though it will not take place in September because Twitter’s legal team had initially defended that the agreement to buy the company should have been ahead of time the 24th October.

Tug of war between Musk and Twitter

On July 9, the tycoon told Twitter that he was withdrawing from the social network’s purchase agreement after receiving no response from the company to his request for information about the number of fake accounts found on the platform and the company’s way of allocating them check and block received .

Days later, Twitter filed a lawsuit against the billionaire in a Delaware state court to force him to go through with his bid to buy the company after he broke the agreement between the parties.

“Musk appears to believe that unlike any other party subject to Delaware contract law, he is free to change his mind, ruin the company, disrupt its operations, destroy shareholder value,” the company said. just as the chain got going NBC News.

In mid-May, the tycoon decided to temporarily suspend its $44,000 million purchase of Twitter, which it agreed in late April, pending details that would support the company’s calculation that fake accounts account for less than five percent of users.

Subsequently, in a letter Musk’s attorneys sent to the United States Securities Market Commission (SEC) in early June, the billionaire’s legal team considered Twitter’s position a “material breach” of its obligations under the merger agreement, which they warned Elon Musk “retains.” reserves all rights arising therefrom, including its right not to consummate the Transaction and its right to terminate the Merger Agreement.”


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