Can Cancer Be Prevented? Seven tips to reduce your chances of contracting the disease


Cancer It is one of the worst things a person can suffer in their entire life. It is a genetic disease, fortunately, more and more is known about the processes that lead to a normal cell mutating into a cancerous cell. One of the reasons for this is that Aging, genetics and toxins in the environment.

Fortunately, our body has various mechanisms that are responsible for correcting the genetic mutations that can give rise to a malignant tumor. Even if these don’t work, we have a special immune system to recognize and eliminate tumor cells in their early stages “Natural Killer” (NK).

Nevertheless, the type of cancer depends on the origin of the tumor cell, where it is, its size, which lymph nodes are affected and whether there is metastasis, ie when the cancer enters the bloodstream and spreads to other organs. Therefore, it is very important that we suspect a tumor or any other type of cancer let’s go to the doctor and follow their instructions.

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