Apple beats earnings and revenue, expects ‘accelerating growth’


Apple doesn’t usually disappoint with its results, and this time it wasn’t far behind either, albeit without increasing passions, with increases of 3% in the “after hours”. The Cupertino company has exceeded profit and sales expectations and expects “accelerated growth”. In terms of earnings, it registers $1.2 versus $1.16, down 8% year-on-year. On sales 83,000 million compared to the expected 82,810, an improvement of 2%.

Apple has noticed that they managed to generate this income despite the shortage of certain parts that directly affect your sales, especially in the month of April, which slowed the delivery of purchases to customers. She thus recorded a loss of 4,000 million dollars for this concept.

As for the iPhone, its revenue is up 3% year over year to $40.67 billion, up $2 billion from expectations. The company’s main revenue stream remains at full capacity, despite persistent suspicions that the goose that lays the golden eggs will eventually call it quits. “We were able to convince Android users to buy an iPhone this quarter,” said CEO Tim Cook. “We’ve seen double-digit changes.”

In the services category, it improved 12% year over year, meeting expectations. And that’s registered the gross margin reaching 43.26% compared to the expected 42.61%. And the expectations are positive: “Overall perspective We expect sales to accelerate in the coming months, although we see some weaknessessaid cook.

In addition, the company returns part of its profits to investors. Apple has reported that it spent more than this quarter $28 billion in share buybacks and dividends.

Calm the fears

Doubts had hung over the company for the past few months, particularly due to restrictions in China, one of its main markets, where it announced big discounts this week. The slowdown in hiring had also raised suspicions that US inflation and the technical recession were hurting their prospects. But the data has reassured investors.

“We see inflation in our cost structure, in areas like logistics, salaries and certain components, but We’re still hiring. We’re doing this on purpose,” Cook explained.


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