Almudena Cid forgets Christian Gálvez with ex-soccer player Gerardo

Almudena Cid forgets Christian Gálvez with ex-soccer player Gerardo

Almudena Cid He turned the page and was spotted with a new partner. Eight months after the split from Christian GalvesIn December 2021, the 42-year-old former gymnast was photographed walking with the former soccer player Gerard.

The photos are exclusively from the magazine Week who takes care of it “Almudena Cid is excited again” and points out that “the lucky one is Gerardo, a boy who has accompanied him at various times during these months”.

Escape to Galicia

The magazine collects these Almudena Cid and Gerardo recently made an escape to Galicia and his close circle takes care of that “The relationship they have for such a short time is very strong”. “In the end, that’s what usually happens when you’re friends with the person before you take another step.”

They were in Galicia on July 11 and visited other destinations, among other things San Estevo do Ermo, in the province of Lugo. Gerardo knows the area well, having been a CD Lugo player from 2011 to 2013.

Who is Gerardo, Almudena Cid’s new partner?

Almudena Cid’s companion is the former soccer player Gerardo Berodia, 41 years old.

Berodia He was a Real Madrid player between 2004 and 2005 and he retired as a Union Adarve player in 2019. Currently working as player agentand before that he worked as a taxi driver.

His history as a footballer is shaped by an ankle tumor that he was diagnosed when he was just 15 years old and that forced him to stay away from football for three years. “I thought I would never play again,” he said in an interview on laSexta.

“My father told me I had to make a choice between amputation of the foot or removal of the entire bone and fix the shin with the ankle,” he added in another interview The worldin which he assured that the family would not accept either option.

dr Epeldegui gave them the solution: clean the bone, implant another one from the donor bank and let it regenerate. It worked and he returned to Real Madrid at the age of 18 thanks to Viente del Bosque. “At that moment you’re not thinking about football, you’re thinking about saving your life.”

In 2013 he triumphed in Bolivia but returned to Spain the following year as a result a serious accident of his son while playing in the pool. The little boy received 600 points and Gerardo and his then-wife decided it was best to give up success in Bolivia so their son could recover in Spain.

“I had to cancel the contract and get back to reality. My economic situation was not easy‘ the former player told laSexta.

When he came back, he bought a taxi to make a living, but he didn’t neglect football. After returning to Spain, he signed for the Navalcarnero team and played in small clubs until 2019.

Earlier this year, he announced his retirement with an emotional letter posted on Twitter with the comment “We always see each other, football”.

“Special mention to my family who have always helped me and supported me in every decision I made, my wife and son who have never hesitated to accompany me on my adventure through every city and country we live in, they always sacrificed themselves to make my dream come true. and to my parents, who always took me to every training session and even to the last game of my career when I was a kid They always proudly saw me from the stands,” wrote the former footballer, who posted a special message for his father.

“Dad, you were a key person in me playing football, we overcame my illness, you gave me the strength to push myself and if you doubt that we got it. THANKS”.

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