Alcampo buys 235 Grupo Dia stores in Asturias and seven other regions

Alcampo buys 235 Grupo Dia stores in Asturias and seven other regions

One of Grupo Dia’s supermarkets in the area. / ALEX PINEAPPLE

The operation will start at the end of the year and is expected to be ready in June 2023 because “Spain is a strategic country,” they say of Auchan

This should start at the end of the year and the process should be completed in mid-2023. Then the agreement reached by the Dia Group with Alcampo for the sale of 235 supermarkets will become a reality. Asturias is one of the municipalities most affected by this operation, along with Madrid, Aragón, Castilla y León, Galicia, Navarre and the Basque Country. With this measure, Grupo Dia decides to divest more than two hundred stores in order to “reinvest the funds received in its new business model, thus accelerating the consolidation of its business in Spain based on its proximity strategy,” he said yesterday through a statement .

The operation is limited to supermarkets with an average size of around 760 square meters that have an “attractive” location. The warehouse that the group owns in the town of Villanubla in Valladolid will also be transferred as part of the transaction.


  • 3,600
    Workers will go to Alcampo with this sale of Grupo Dia; for them, CC OO demands “full labor guarantees”

  • 2023
    In June, the entire operation will be completed, which is expected to start at the end of 2022 and will affect eight municipalities, including Asturias.

Dia Group insists that the number of employees affected or the specific deals are not yet known, as the transaction is subject to competition authority approvals and other approvals, which are expected over the next few weeks. In this sense, the transmission of the portfolio of the operation will start as soon as the authorizations are obtained and, as indicated by the same sources, will be carried out by corporate blocks grouped at different times.

After hearing the news, CC OO assured that it would demand “full guarantees for workers”. “We understand that this corporate operation appears to have business logic, both from the perspective of Grupo Dia’s sizing and Alcampo’s expansion of the Proximity format, and we will focus our claims on express guarantees of maintenance of employment and working conditions are calling for these 3,600 people to conclude a work integration agreement with the legal representatives of the workers,” the unions said.


“Our goal is to adapt the new stores to our brand and integrate the 3,600 employees into the Alcampo team. This reinforces the purpose of becoming the phygital leader in Spanish food retail,” Alcampo said yesterday.

As an “important operation” because it means “establishing ourselves,” Dia insists on explaining the decision. “Proximity is our lighthouse and our great lever for success. It’s been in our DNA since we founded our first store in Madrid in 1979. We are confident that we will be able to further advance our strategic roadmap by focusing our efforts on what we are good at,” said Dia Group Executive President Stephan DuCharme.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the operation Yves Claude, President and CEO of Auchan Retail, who assured that the purchase will strengthen his group’s presence “in a strategic country for our brand”. He also indicated that this will mean the completion of the multi-format network “with the aim of accelerating our growth in Spain to become the leader in the phygital food trade and therefore the preferred brand of Spaniards. ”

Grupo Día is the leading local grocery store network with nearly 6,000 own offices and franchises in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. Of the almost 6,000 proximity stores, 2,700 are operated in a franchise model.

The company has around 2,700 Día stores and 1,000 Clarel stores in Spain; 500 Minipreço stores in Portugal; 700 Día stores in Brazil and 900 in Argentina. Its more than 38,500 direct employees and 18,000 employees in franchise companies.

“We have checked the quality of our products, a significant effort has been made to promote our own brands and we have opted for freshness”, they repeat from Día, explaining a new transformation process of the company that is added to the path launched in 2019.


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