A man warns in networks that he caught monkeypox while buying a scooter

A man warns in networks that he caught monkeypox while buying a scooter

A man has raised awareness on social media that he contracted monkeypox by buying a scooter online. And it so happens that the same week, the World Health Organization (WHO) specifically urged the gay community to reduce their sexual practices as they came out again contacts with other men. Because of this, network user Mei Rito has warned that he didn’t have any kind of risky relationship, but he did have business dealings with the seller of the scooter, with whom got infected

Mei Rito, He says that three weeks ago he decided to “park the bike because of the high temperatures” to “contact a boy via Wallapop (buying and selling products online) who was selling an electric scooter. We arranged a meeting to check the condition and properties and adjust the price,” says the young man.

The purchase was “great” to continue to express the users of these networks to ensure that all this “lor relieved the seller who was a very nice person». After explaining how the scooter works and other considerations, he explained that he let him try it out so he would be confident in buying it. After deciding it was what she was looking for, Mei Rito bought it and the transaction went through.

Network user Mei Rito says he developed a fever and muscle aches after a week. “I immediately thought of Covid, so I’ve had up to three PCRs down the line 48 hours and all with negative results‘ he assures. After ruling out this viral disease, the young man decides to go to the emergency room, and after several rigorous tests, he was diagnosed positive for monkeypox. “The doctors tell me that since my sex life hasn’t changed, it’s very likely that the virus got into my mucous membranes after impregnating me with it on the scooter, possibly by touching the handlebars,” he says.

In this way, this young man wanted to show that contrary to what the WHO says, “it is not a gay disease because, like me, you can catch it by buying products online.”

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