2-0: Joselu makes his debut and Espanyol wins and convinces

2-0: Joselu makes his debut and Espanyol wins and convinces

Victoria worked and paid. Espanyol defeated Lille 2-0 in their third pre-season friendly this Sunday Goals from Joselu, who made his debut as Killer Perico, and from Puado, who signed a fantastic goal. The team of Diego Martínez played a full match against a key rival, a Lille, whom they beat and surpassed in the second half. The game of the team is growing, with increasingly integrated identities and this Sunday a hard-fought and consistent victory was confirmed because thanks to the good attitude and intensity of everyone, the team is out today Diego Martinez He had an arrival, an occasion and a goal. And he didn’t suffer in the back, a good tandem Simo-Cabrera and inspired Lecomte.

The work of youth Ruben Sanchez, Omar and Simo was next to ‘Vini’ Souza, omnipresent. darder He is fine and the zodiac signJoselu, already marked, very well accompanied by a handful who signed a great goal. To all of this remember Thomas Raul He didn’t even sit on the bench as he continues to do specific work and won’t make his debut this summer.

The game started intensely, both teams were looking for the opposing goal from the first breath. Lille warned first but Cabrera cleared the danger even though it was true the goalkeeper Lecomte showing off Already in minute 4 with a good defense from a shot Angel Gomez.

‘Vini’ Souza featured in one set of the Espanyol – Lille game this Sunday in Marbella


The change in both areas was the usual trend, in both areas the parakeet was challenged at the back by a Lille with presence and poison in attack. But gradually, the team of Diego Martinez took control, took overor the Darder button and the parakeet opportunities began to arrive, highlighting the leading role and most importantly the “hunger” of the local players, very active Omar and Rubén Sánchez. Simo and ‘Vini’ Souza They made it clear once again that they want to be important in the First Division and both put on an exciting performance. “Vini” was omnipresent.

Ruben Sanchez Being right-handed, he was a ‘dagger for his band, cheeky and the perfect balance of helping Oscar Gil and boarding schools. The firstthe light blue and white was from Puado (12′), who countered like a ‘bullet’ and took advantage of a luxury Simon’s helpanother who is sweet and occupies every minute.

In the 20’s it was Omar, another great news the preseason, the goal earned after an electric wall with Handful, but the Lille goalkeeper spoiled the opportunity.

Espanyol was popular, Tuteando for a big Lille. And before the break a clear one for each team. In minute 37, after a great combination with Rubén Sánchez, Puado shot himself poisoned, which has repelled the pole. Too bad because Puado, very active, taking advantage of Joselu carry jobdeserves a goal.

Before the break JonathanDavid He had it for Lille after winning back the tandem well Simo Cabrera, in one of the few mistakes made by the Perica defense in the first 45 minutes. could go Happy Diego Martinez at the break, having seen his team grow positively after three clear chances, deserved the goal, in a first half that was also very correct in defence.

Joselu made his debut as a goalscorer for Espanyol

Joselu made his debut as a goalscorer for Espanyol


The second half started with a similar script, although from the start Espanyol felt dominant and tried to tickle their rival. And soon he had a price. Keidi warned andIn the 57th minute with a grenade that went off. But the eleven parakeets did not fail the next time. A nightmare for the French, Rubén Sánchez took out a howitzer which he fought off as best he could the goalkeeper Jardim, but the cancellation was intercepted by Joselu to score his first goal as a parakeet with a left-footed shot, an absolute “killer”. The former Alavés player’s goal was widely celebrated and congratulated by his teammates. Joselu is already ‘wet’ like a budgiegreat news for espanyolismo.

I can congratulate him on his goal against Lille

I can congratulate him on his goal against Lille


With the 1:0 that Espanyol was encouraged, liked and piling up a lost Lille and skimming water from the Catalans’ dominance. Joselu had the second, but it was his partner Puado the one who got the win going with a great goal. Beautiful villa who had just jumped onto the ‘green’ invented a millimeter pass used a handful of pearls overcame the exit of the French goalkeeper with a subtle shot, a ‘picadeta’ to make it 2-0. Espanyol tanked and in what way.


Spanish: Lecomte; Óscar Gil, Simo, Cabrera, Omar, Bare, Vini Souza, Darder, Rubén Sánchez, Puado and Joselu. They also played: Villahermosa, Luca, Melamed, Pol Lozano, Embarba.

Lille: Garden; Alexsandro Gudmundsson Fonte Bamba Jonathan David Zedadka Gomes Andre Zhegrova Amadou. Also played: Jakubech, Ramet, Yoro, Raghouber, Burlet, Makhabe, Martin, Yazici, Bamba, Weah, Bayo.

Gates: 1-0, min 59: Joselu; 2-0, 65 minutes: handful.

referee: Domínguez Cervantes (Andalusian Committee). He warned Sergi Darder (min.20), Jose Fonte (min.22) and Alexsandro (min.27).

Lecomte He was also in high spirits, dampening the timid reaction of a Lille outclassed today. In the 68th minute he defended himself against a good shot Yusuf Yazim.

Diego Martinez He moved, the bench, turned his players to avoid attacks and injuries, how could it be otherwise. Luke Warrick, another young player who is snappy had Perico’s third goal in 77 minutes but cleared Lille’s goal. And Espanyol still had a few chances to extend their lead, but the 2-0 didn’t budge. Diego Martínez’s team likes and signed his second win of the preseason this Sunday.

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